While some people collect coins and others invest in expensive footwear, many women amass a vast amount of makeup. From tubes of lipstick in similar shades to compacts filled with trays of eyeshadow, it can be fairly easy to compile a lot of cosmetics.

According to StyleList.com, one lady whose makeup counter may be overflowing is none other than Diane Kruger, and the stunning actress recently opened up about her obsession with cosmetics.

“It is a little embarrassing because I own a huge amount of makeup,” the blonde beauty told the news source. “I see makeup artists on shoots and then I go buy the stuff so I have boxes and boxes of makeup. I get really bored with the same products so I like to have options.”

Like so many women, it seems that Kruger often opts to emphasize her eyes before going out.

“I definitely [love] mascara but I also love fake lashes. I’m obsessed with them,” she revealed.

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