While millions of people tune into AMC’s Mad Men to watch the drama unfold, some women turn on the show to gawk at the gorgeous ensembles and impeccable makeup worn by the ladies of the show. But, now that the fourth season has come to a close, how are gals supposed to get their fix of 1960s American glamor?

Ladies looking for more insight about Mad Men’s costumes and makeup can check out Janie Bryant’s new book, The Fashion File. According to InStyle magazine, Bryant, the show’s costume designer, explains how women can achieve the quintessential Mad Men look, including how to create a flawless red lip.

While the book isn’t available until November, women anxious to look like Betty Draper can begin to stock up on cosmetics now to perfect a Mad Men look.

Babor offers a variety of items that can help any gal capture the simple glamor inherent to that time period. Babor Classic Translucent Powder can help to create a flawless face, and one can use Babor Classic Lip Color and Lip Pencil (in Red Lips and Simply Red, respectively) for a signature pout.

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