It’s never surprising when Blake Lively steps out on the red carpet looking flawless, after all the Gossip Girl actress is quickly becoming an icon in the fashion world. And, at Spike TV’s 2010 Scream Awards, Lively showed up in a gorgeous ensemble that was complemented by some seriously gorgeous makeup.

Lively wore a a stunning gray gown that featured tan leather detailing, and the blonde bombshell accentuated the adornments with warm-toned cosmetics. Her lids were dusted with a rich copper shadow that contrasted with her sparkling baby blues, and she boasted a warm toffee-colored lip gloss.

While her dress did boast autumnal hued accents, her makeup was an unexpected choice, as many women would have opted for smoky gray eyes to complement the gown’s fabric. However, the warm pigments brought out the best in the dress, as it both emphasized the cool tones of the frock while calling attention to the tan detailing.

Wearing cosmetics that match with a piece of your ensemble is a great way to subtly call attention to the details and create a cohesive look. Take a cue from Lively and try it out before your next big event.