When applying eye makeup, everybody seems to have their own tricks to creating a dynamic look. And while these tips can help open up your eyes, there is one technique that some of Hollywood’s hottest ladies employ to create a dazzling effect – applying highlighter to eyes’ inner corners.

At the Vertu phone launch party in New York City, Blake Lively stepped out with simple makeup that was anything but ordinary. All emphasis was on the Gossip Girl’s eyes, but interestingly enough she was wearing little more than mascara. Her peepers popped, however, with a bit of silver highlighter applied to the inner corners of her eyes.

Scarlett Johansson employed the eye-brightening technique as well while appearing at the Mango Fashion Awards. The blonde bombshell rocked a smoky eye, but enhanced her stare with a little help from some strategically applied gold shadow. The pigment illuminated the inner corners of her eyes, and kept her sultry makeup from appearing too dark.

Ladies looking to make their peepers pop should remember to dab a bit of highlighter on to the inner corners of their eyes – it will quickly and easily brighten your face and open-up your eyes.

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