While brides often spend weeks beautifying themselves for their wedding, spending hours at the spa and salon, grooms usually do little more than shower and shave before standing at the altar. However, there are a few easy at-home treatments that can help men look their best before the big day.

“If he’s a fan of coffee or red wine…you might want to buy him some whitening strips,” suggests an analyst at Glamour.com. “Even slightly discolored chompers will look yellowish in pictures if a giant white dress is taking up most of the frame.” GoSMILE Smile Whitening System is a quick and easy way to erase stains from enamel.

Additionally, make sure that your man’s nails are groomed to perfection. After all, people are sure to be shaking his hand all night and checking out his new wedding ring – and the photographer will most likely want to get a closeup of the bling!

Skip the nail polish and opt for a nail treatment, such as Nailtini Club Soda Fizz Nail Whitening Soak, which will help remove stains from nails. Apply a moisturizing hand cream and trim overgrown cuticles and he’ll be ready to take your hand and walk you down the aisle.

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