There’s nothing better for your beauty routine than a day (or a few) at the beach, but not every consequence of having some fun in the sun will necessarily be a welcome addition to your sun-kissed veneer.

If you don’t want a little bit of redness to get in the way of your bronzed glow, there are easy, quick fixes to help you remove the undesirables.

“Got sunburned from a day at the beach, and want to look less like a lobster by dinnertime? The best bet is to take green tea bags, dampen them with cold water, and place on the red areas,” dermatologist Noelle Sherber told

If you’d rather have a quick product fix in your bag with you at all times, opt for an after-sun treatment or aloe gel that you can apply topically to any sunburned areas. You’ll be cooled and soothed in no time thanks to the unique cooling properties of many formulas, and this is a great step to take after any extended amount of time in the sun.

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