Some makeup looks aren’t really meant for a day-to-day morning look, but it only serves to make them that much more special for the wild occasions where you do wear them out. If you’ve got such an event on your horizon, take a page out of Ke$ha’s book and go for a no-holds-barred makeup look that’s fit for a jungle safari (or just a club scene).

Stars like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj are famous for their outlandish makeup looks, but these are not styles that are only meant to be worn on the red carpet by Hollywood’s biggest A-listers. You, too, can unleash your inner artist as you play with face paints, shadows and glitters.

Before you unleash your creativity, however, it’s important to provide a solid base for your makeup so your creation won’t fade away into the mists of obscurity. Applying a primer to your face as well as your eyelids (yes, that’s different than a foundation) will help create a seamless finish, even out your skin’s texture and ensure a no-slip foundation for your whimsical designs.

Aside from selecting a cream-based shadow or other colorful pigment that can glide easily onto your skin, you can create a make-shift formula by using a cream shadow or blush and applying loose glitter while it’s still wet. As for the rest – go wild.

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