In the wintertime, your rosy cheeks come naturally when you step out into the bitter cold and expose your face to the elements. But with a sunkissed summer glow, your feminine blush can get lost under that perfect tan. If you want to give your cheeks just a bit of a boost, try one of these fun summertime shades so you can glow just like a sunset over the shore.

If you’re rocking a deep tan, try a peachy shade of blush to complement the golden undertones in your skin. Stay away from anything that’s too orange – the perfect peach blush combines elements of yellow, pink and red for a soft, tropical glow. Look for one with a bit of shimmer for a dewy look that’ll give the impression you’ve been sitting by the beach all day long.

Fairer ladies should stick to tried-and-true pinks for their summer shades. Feel free to get a little bolder this summer and opt for something with a hint of magenta. This bright shade will give you a fantastic glow reminiscent of ripe berries and fresh watermelon – everything that’s great about summer!

With just a touch of blush, you can give your face a gorgeous glow that’s quite unlike the red sunburn you might have been sporting when you got back from the beach a few days ago.

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