Are you tired of your mascara rubbing off by the end of the day? Do you often wind up with smudges halfway down your cheeks by early afternoon? If your drugstore mascara just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, it might time to switch to the latest cosmetic trend – “tube” mascara.

Most mascaras are thick and viscous and rest on top of your eyelashes, which means that even a watery yawn or absentminded rub of a tired eyelid could lead to raccoon-like smudges in no time. Some traditional mascaras claim to be waterproof, but these are equally smudge-able and wind up being a huge hassle to remove in the evening before you settle down for bed. And keeping your mascara in place on a hot summer day? Forget it!

If you’re tired of the hassles of traditional mascara, try a “tube” variety. Tube mascaras use a unique formula to create a product that attached to your lashes in small tubes, which won’t smudge when rubbed, stay put all day long and are easy to remove with warm water and a gentle pulling motion at the end of the day. Tube mascara looks and feels natural – plus, it’s easy to apply!

Take your beauty regimen to the next level with tube mascara.

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