The last thing you want to do on Monday morning is show up at work with a garishly made-up face that will make your coworkers cringe. Loud makeup has no place at the office unless you work at a job that encourages or requires it. However, tastefully bright lipstick is still possible if you do it right.

As long as your lips are the only part of your face that stands out, bright lipstick is totally acceptable and it will add a little color to your visage, making you appear more awake and ready to handle the challenges of the day. Keep your eyes and cheeks minimal by just using a foundation, a little eyeliner and mascara. Dab a bit of the foundation on your lips to give yourself a prepped canvas.

Products like Sothys – Hydra-Glide Lipstick not only come in fantastic colors, but moisturize your lips so you won’t get all dried out in a climate-controlled workplace. For a subtle shine that will make your bright lips look even prettier, dab a bit of a lip gloss like Paula Dorf – Lipsicle in the center of your bottom lip. Chic and appropriate!

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