For many women, dry, brittle nails are a huge problem. It might seem like there’s nothing you can do to grow healthy, long nails, but that’s actually not true. With the right care and attention, your nails can be smooth and gorgeous.

For starters, use a Nail Regenerator Treatment. It will nourish and rehydrate your nails while softening your cuticles and helping them to grow. Just use the product daily for about a month, then apply twice a week for best results. The pen ensures easy application – even when you’re out and about!

Next, be sure to carry a lotion around with you. Hand Lotion Bars can be stashed in your purse, and only requires a bit of rubbing to melt the bar into a lotion that will keep your hands and cuticles hydrated.

Finally, keep an emery board on hand at all times, just in case you need to fix any jagged edges. While your nails are healing, it’s best to keep them at a shorter length, so use the board to keep them shaped.

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