When the temperatures start dropping, many women transition from the warm colors of summer to the cooler tones often associated with winter. Silver-flecked navys, purples and blue-toned reds are popular when the snow starts falling, but what about women who prefer yellows and oranges?

While warmer tones may be a bit more tricky to pull off in the winter, it’s not impossible, according to makeup artist Debra Ferullo, who recently created a sizzling, sun-kissed look for Drew Barrymore. According to InStyle magazine, Ferullo was inspired by Drew’s saffron-colored ensemble.

“It reminded us of something you’d wear during the summer in St. Tropez, so I warmed her skin a few shades darker than it’s natural tone using two shades of beige liquid makeup,” she told the news source.

However, tan skin isn’t the only key to adding warmth to your complexion in colder months. According to Style.com, Ferullo gave Drew a natural-looking flush with a berry-hued cream blush and completed the look with a gold and plum eyeshadow and sheer melon lip gloss.

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