While we all take an occasional makeup misstep, we are usually able to forget the error in a few days. Celebrities whose every moves are documented by the paparazzi, however, are not so lucky, as their cosmetic catastrophes are often photographed and preserved for years to come.

Though she regularly flaunts a flawless, golden glow, Eva Longoria recently stepped out with unblended concealer, resulting in chalky, white powder under her eyes.

However, this may not have been Eva’s fault. In fact, it may not have been visible to anybody who saw the Desperate Housewives star in person that night. Instead, it may have been an unfortunate side-effect of the paparazzi flashbulbs.

“To be fair to Eva, the concealer definitely didn’t look like that in the bathroom mirror,” reports StyleBistro.com. “A lot of cosmetics have reflective particles in them to add a bit of extra glow. Unfortunately, these particles can make for one alien-looking photo op.”

To ensure that your concealer won’t make you look like a ghost in photographs taken on a fun night out, apply your makeup and snap a few pictures before heading out. If you notice any discolored patches, fix your makeup accordingly.

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