Exotic and decadent, floral and sweet, green and clean, this ‘Fragrance Day’ hit all the right notes with the best perfumes that we have selected for you.

It can be overwhelming to settle on a fragrance if you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you’re about high-profile brands, the best-looking bottles, or the real best fragrance, we’ve got you covered. With so many new launches and celebrities churning out scents every other day, we have taken our sweet time to list down what really stands out.

We’ve done the work on our part of sniffing and spritzing through tons of fragrances so you can make a good choice. Check out our best picks for this Fragrance Day and become the head-turner!  

Aroma Stickers Bergamot from Italy

When it comes to balance and longevity, essential oils deliver much more than synthetic perfumes. That’s why our first recommendation on the list is this unique Aroma Sticker in Bergamot from Italy. It is a new way to benefit from essential oils on the go while also enjoying wearing your favorite scent.

Also, it is a need of the hour because wearing masks is still mandatory in most countries. You can put a sticker on your mask and enjoy popular and high-quality scents in your own space. The mess-free fragrance is a great choice if you love the bergamot notes.  

Bulgarian Rose Cosmetics Rose Perfume Roll-On with Natural Rose Oil

This Fragrance Day, feel proud about going more natural with your scent choice. The Rose Perfume Roll-On by Bulgarian Rose Cosmetics is infused with natural rose oil and has a gentle aroma that’s hard to miss. The standard rose scent makes it a great unisex choice.

The roll-on perfume makes it easier to carry and apply so you can enjoy the lasting freshness. It is a paraben-free fragrance that will have you smell like fresh Bulgarian roses all day long.

Nicole Miller NY Mod Pink Orchid Ladies Body Spray

Experience pink orchid’s delicacy in a bottle. If you’re all about floral and fruity notes, this one’s a popular choice. The famous Nicole Miller NY Mod Pink Orchid Ladies Perfume also features subtle musky notes to offer you the perfect scent that will have you feeling sexy and elegant at the same time.

Packed in a beautiful pink bottle, the scent of fresh pink orchids gives out a fresh fragrance that you’d love to flaunt all day long. Unveil the fashionista in you with this unique fruity concoction that’s surely going to get heads turning.

BUM Shine For Ladies Spray with Wrap Bum Bracelet

Can’t resist cute perfume bottles? This one is surely going to catch your eye. But what’s best about this fragrance is how it will intoxicate your senses with the invigorating scent. This one-of-a-kind fragrance has a genius concoction of orange flower, musk, and jasmine intertwined with orchid, rose, freesia, and bergamot.

The floral and oriental scent of BUM Shine Ladies Perfume has the best feminine notes that give out a fresh and unique vibe. What’s more? It comes with a cute bracelet as a gift.

SHOLAYERED Lemon Peel Body Spray

Pick a fragrance that perfectly expresses your personality through the mixture of unique yet simple notes. This perfume stands out for its multi-layered scents, all combined without losing their individuality. Enjoy a beautiful and calm moment with SHOLAYERED Lemon Peel Body Spray as you wear this perfume from day to night.  

Each lineup is carefully selected to give you a balance that’s hard to come across. The best part about this one is how it is so addictive without being overwhelming.

Bios Apothecary Gem Story Wellness Oil – Calm

The Bios Apothecary Gem Story Wellness Oil in Calm is another unique collection of luxe fragrances you don’t want to miss. Infused with multi-sensory natural oils, the perfume also contains semi-precious crystals. The roll-on bottle makes it easier to apply, while aromatherapy increases focus during meditation, ritual, and yoga.

Make the best use of potent herbal aromatherapy with this amazing fragrance. With various ingredients and strong baseline notes, the fresh and natural scent of this perfume will blow you away.

DOLCE & GABBANA Shine Eau de Parfum

It is not just the beautiful bottle that will impress you, but everything about Dolce Shine Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana is mesmerizing. The intoxicating feminine fragrance will remind you of a breathtaking Italian garden with fresh flowers everywhere. The refreshing scent mimics the radiance of the spring season.

This Fragrance Day, flaunt this amazing perfume with hard-to-miss feminine notes that will surely get a lot of appreciation.

EXSENS Angel’s Dream Happiness Perfume

Looking for a light, refreshing, happy-go-lucky perfume just like your own personality? The Angel’s Dream Happiness Perfume by EXSENS is an excellent choice. With the real essence of amazing essential oils such as Rhodiola Rosea, the scent gives out a happy vibe as it is believed to encourage the production of endorphins.

The paraben-free fragrance can be applied to the skin as well as your hair. The light formula has bergamot, pear, lily, and cedar as the primary notes.

Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Parfum

Pure Grace by Philosophy needs no introduction. The popular fragrance is known by many and for all amazing reasons. This version is inspired by the original scent that transforms simplicity into a whole new level of sophistication.

The unique and refreshing scent is rich with notes like water lily, leafy greens, must, orange flower, rose, lavender, jasmine, lemon, and bergamot.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Cologne Eau de Toilette

The name says it all! This one by Calvin Klein is a modern, classy, and eternal fragrance you just cannot miss. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or thinking of presenting a nice gift to a special someone, Eternity Cologne for Men is an outstanding choice.

Infused with the scent of lentisk, moss, woods, spice, and ginger, the fragrance evokes fun and adventure. The chic bottle contains an alluring fragrance that’s both intimate and warm.

Hugo Boss – BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum

You just can’t go wrong with this one, especially on Fragrance Day. The easy-to-identify fragrance has been a popular choice for long. Not only the BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum by Hugo Boss has a striking bottle, but the fragrance inside is equally attractive too.

With strong spicy and woody notes, the composition of this fragrance is very unique. It is also infused with the pure scents of citrus to give it a fruity touch. Learn natural imprinting with the fragrance you wear!

Burberry Her London Dream Eau de Parfum

There can’t be more mesmerizing fragrance notes! Just like the name, Her London Dream by Burberry is a dream-like, intoxicating scent that’s inspired by the free and beautiful hazy days of London.

The fragrance has a very unique and modern touch to it – thanks to the primary notes of lemon and fresh ginger. Make your vibe more memorable and vibrant by wearing this one-in-a-million fragrance.