If you’re the type of woman who loves a good ponytail but wants to jazz it up a little, there’s one style that was all over this season’s runways that might suit your fancy. That’s the loop.

According to Allure Magazine, the hairstylist at Carolina Herrera created the look for the models, who were supposed to look effortless yet still pretty and polished – which is probably exactly what you want from a hairstyle! Luckily, this simple style is easy to create yourself.

First, use a great conditioner like Dermalogica – Silk Finish Conditioner in the shower to get soft strands with no tangles. Blowdry your hair, then use a styling cream to smooth your tresses, add shine and tame flyaways.

Part your hair in the center or on the side, then gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Instead of pulling your hair all the way through the elastic, only go halfway, so that it creates a loop. Pull out one strand to twist and secure around the ponytail, then pull the sides of the loop a bit to loosen it into a triangle shape. Done!