Sometimes, you want people to know that you tried hard putting on your makeup. Yet you still want your face to look naturally beautiful without screaming “I’m full of product!” Enter the rosy-bronze look from a makeup artist who worked with the models at one of DKNY‘s runway shows.

According to Allure Magazine, you should start by swirling a rose-hued blush like BABOR – Classic Powder Blush in Rose right below your cheekbones. Then, sweep bronzer around your temples, over your cheekbones and on your eyelids (instead of eyeshadow). It shouldn’t have any shimmer involved, as you want the color to look believable. This will give you a natural-looking flush as if you just went for a jog on the beach.

The rest of your face should remain simple, so all you really need is a bit of brow shadow to fill in sparse areas, a brown eyeliner and mascara combination, a dot of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and a sheer raspberry lipstick. Nice, right?

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