Christina Aguilera has long been recognized for her retro, old Hollywood style. With her crimson-colored lips and platinum waves, the songstress regularly looks as if she has stepped out of a movie from the 1940s.

One key component to Aguilera’s alluring look is her milky white skin. While she sometimes warms up her complexion with blushes and bronzers, her fair skin seems to boast a healthy, inherent glow that captivates all who glance her way. But how does she maintain her nearly flawless appearance?

“Stay hydrated, moisturize and get enough sleep,” Aguilera told People magazine. “I never go to sleep with makeup on and always moisturize my face and lips. I try to condition my hair as much as possible.”

And it appears that this regimen is working! At the Burlesque premiere in London, Aguilera looked fantastic as she walked the red carpet. Her ivory skin was glowing, subtly enhanced by a bit of cheek color, and her perfectly coiffed hair was silky and lush. Of course, she finished off her look with her signature black liquid liner and bright red lipstick.