Christmas is almost here and people across the country will soon be heading to their families’ homes for a festive holiday gathering. And while these affairs can involve a wide variety of activities, there is one thing that is certain – photographs will be taken.

Relatives love to document family gatherings, and many seem to be particularly snap-happy during the holidays. And with Facebook and other social networking sites all the rage, there’s a good chance your family photos will wind up online for the world to see, so it’s imperative that you look your best in the pictures.

Go easy on the makeup, as colors that are too harsh will look unnatural in pictures. Dark brown mascara and a gray or cocoa-colored liner will subtly emphasize your eyes, and a lip gloss just a shade darker than your natural lip color will make your pout pop.

To achieve a perfect smile for the camera, suggests biting down on your back teeth, as it will help your jawline look more defined. Make sure your entire body, not just your face, is engaged, as the news source adds that “you’ve got to feel it to believe it.”

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