While some makeup trends catch us by surprise, such as red eyeshadow and blue lipstick, a new eye makeup combination recently caught us off guard – wearing multiple metallic tones. But what really surprised us about this look, however, wasn’t its extremity – it was how breathtakingly beautiful the women wearing it looked!

At the Avon Foundation for Women Gala, Reese Witherspoon stepped out looking gorgeous as ever and rocking some seriously styling eye makeup. Witherspoon’s upper lids were dusted with a steel-colored powder while her lower lash line boasted bronze pigment. Typically, silvers and golds compete with one another, but on Witherspoon, the two tones worked together to create a flattering look.

Spanish actress Vanessa Romero recently donned a similar application as well – her lids were covered with gold shadow while her lower waterline was rimmed with a cool metallic blue liner. The two hues complemented one another, as well as Romero’s eyes.

Ladies looking to embrace this trend shouldn’t be afraid to surround their eyes with two tones that usually aren’t worn together. Too Faced Eye Shadow Duo, which boasts two different pigments in one pan, is available in shades such as George & Weezie (gold and pearl) and Denim & Diamonds (icy blue and ivory).

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