The same woman that’s behind the manicure confections that pay homage to Jessica Rabbit is also responsible for masterminding the talons sported by the shock-pop queen herself, Lady Gaga.

According to, Lippmann worked with Gaga for her Born This Way video. The strange request of Gaga’s involved “one nail on top of the other, in a sort of bird beak configuration” to achieve a host-parasite relationship on her nailbeds (don’t ask, it’s what she said).

Lippmann also was behind the slightly more toned-down look that Gaga sported to the Grammys for her now-legendary entrance. According to the news source, Lippmann convinced Gaga to opt for a simple yellow manicure instead of “big, long, jeweled ghetto nails.” Gaga was positively gushing over them as she got lowered into her egg, and to mark the event, Lippmann is coming out with the new shade, called Yellow Brick Road, in April.

So, what can we expect to see in the big wide world of manicures this year, according to our radar? Almond-shaped nails and opaque nude polishes (think beige and even gray, but not both put together) are likely to be super hot as well.

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