Though rosacea has no known cure, there are still ways to go about your daily routine that are friendlier to your complexion than others. Dr. Zein Obagi dished out some expert advice to regarding this chronic condition.

Even if there’s no way to completely eliminate the redness, swelling or inflammation common to those who suffer from rosacea, certain environmental factors can make it much worse than it needs to be. Obagi recommends steering clear as much as possible from alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and extreme temperatures.

Obagi typically works on ways to treat symptoms and improve the skin overall, and for him, an oil-free noncomedogenic sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is an absolute must at all times.

“The best treatment for rosacea is a program of skin care creams that will strengthen skin, unclog the pores and enable skin to renew itself,” he told the news source. “That’s why I recommend a skin-strengthening product…that increases cell turnover, which forces the damaged surface cells to slough off, allowing the new healthy cells to emerge.”

Look for specialized products that speak directly to the nature of your condition, such as being TRUE Cosmetics Comforting Redness Reducer and Phytomer Rosee Visage Toning Cleanser Lotion.

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