There is much debate as to whether women should match their makeup to their clothing. Earlier this month, Hilary Swank stepped out seemingly in support of matching makeup, with lids painted to the same hue as the detailing in her dress. Now, another Hollywood A-lister is demonstrating her opinion on the matter, and it seems that her cosmetic choices oppose Hilary’s.

At Elle’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute, Diane Kruger, pictured here at the Cannes Film Festival, put a spin on a classic and showed up in a little red dress. However, instead of painting on a crimson-colored pout, the actress opted for a nude lip and winged turquoise eye shadow.

While the pigment clearly brought out the best in Kruger’s baby blues, it also served as a striking complement to her red ensemble – the unexpected pop of cool color paired perfect with her warm-hued dress.

Ladies looking to wear contrasting eye makeup don’t need to go as extreme as Kruger, and can instead opt for a subtle streak of liner instead of dramatically winged shadow. Too Faced Liquif-Eye Set features 12 different pigments that can be applied as shadow or liner, depending on the desired look.