The phrase “mustache nails” seems pretty weird, right? However, they’re becoming trendy this November as a result of “Movember,” as guys everywhere are sporting mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer and other men’s health issues. You may also be familiar with “No Shave November,” which your guy may or may not be participating in.

Nevertheless, if you want to support Movember in your own way, you can’t exactly grow bushy facial hair. You can, however, create cute little mustaches on your manicure. Here’s the how-to from Glamour magazine.

Use a pale shade of pink from Lippmann Collection – Nail Lacquers to paint two coats on your nails. Then, use a toothpick or a small detail brush, like a Travel Lip Brush to make two black dots of polish touching each other in the middle of your nails, close to the bottom. Create two smaller dots on either side of these, then use two curved lines to connect them. Fill in the sides, then coat with a top coat. Cuter than you thought, huh?

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