Those who want a flawless face often stock up on moisturizers, exfoliants and concealer, but according to one skincare expert, ladies may also want to watch what they eat.

“Studies have shown that people who eat more green and yellow veggies have fewer wrinkles on their faces, especially crows’ feet,” dermatologist Jessica Wu, whose clients include Katherine Heigl and Courteney Cox, told InStyle magazine.

Gals trying to combat winter dryness may also want to increase the amount of water they drink every day, as experts suggest that good hydration will keep skin looking fantastic.

Of course, beauty products can also prevent wrinkles and flaky skin. To reduce the appearance of fine lines, look for a formula with vitamins and anti-aging peptides such as Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle face cream. L’Occitane Ultra Moisturizing Fluid SPF 20 contains shea butter to condition skin and the SPF will protect your complexion from the sun’s harmful rays.

To hide blemished skin, use a creamy, lightweight concealer like Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Concealer, as powders will draw attention to dry patches of skin and heavy formulas may settle into wrinkles.

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  1. I have told my clients for YEARS that what you eat/drink you see in your face!

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