Next time you sprinkle that herb in your salad, take a closer look at its green, natural glory. A little known fact about dill is that it actually contains the power to put elasticity back into aging skin.

“Here’s why you should get acquainted with elastin: the often-neglected cohort of collagen is responsible for making young skin snap back when you press it (a key quality of firmness),” explains. “Unfortunately, we stop making elastin around the time we hit puberty. But…scientists have figured out how to make more of it: dill extract.”

When shopping for anti-aging products, it’s generally a good idea to look for such time-tested ingredients as retinol, Retin-A, antioxidants, alpha hydroxy or other ingredients that boost collagen production. Add a product with dill extract, and you’ve got an added secret weapon against the onset of aging.

Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream contains dill extract as well as LOXL Stimulator and a multi-action peptide complex of SNAP-8, Argireline®, and Leuphasyl® to reduce the look of wrinkles.

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