Most ladies in the midst of their morning routines have plenty of things on their minds, and we’re willing to bet that mosquitoes are probably last on that long list. But what you don’t know about your beauty routine could be the reason you’re covered in more bug bites than you wish.

“If you’re prone to bug bites, avoid perfume, scented lotions and other products, and bright clothing when you’re planning to spend time outdoors – they attract insects,” suggests.

This obviously goes hand in hand with wearing an SPF lotion with anti-bug repellent if you’re planning on spending time in a woodsy, bug-infested area, of course.

If you’re prone to skin irritation of all kinds, it’s generally a good idea to avoid products with scents, perfumes or other potentially pore-clogging substances. This is one key tip to keep in mind if you’re trying to avoid razor burn.

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