It’s no secret that the ’80s revival has been happening for quite some time (in other words, since the ’80s). That being said, we’re excited to announce that there’s no better time than the present moment to flaunt a bubblegum pink pout.

“There’s something so “Oh, yeah? Take that, winter!” about wearing a bright, happy spring-time lip gloss when it’s freezing cold outside. And I really want to stick it to winter right now – this year has been rough,” as puts it.

To really go to town with this trend, layering on a creamy fuchsia lipstick will give you the most concentrated amount of color and thus the greatest impact.

Those who dance on the lighter side of life will probably reach automatically for a brightly-colored lip gloss, as the shiny finish keeps things fresh and youthful, and you can go as sheer or opaque as you want.

If you’ve been especially on-trend as of late, you’ll probably like the idea of a lip stain. These formulas combine the best of lipstick and lip gloss into one, and are a chic and understated way to wear a color.

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