Some of us have grown up with the mantra that once a day is not the way. Then again, if you’re a frequent shower offender like so many people, you can’t help but shampoo every morning, because going without washing just doesn’t feel right.

If you’re wondering whether you’re really doing irreparable damage to your strands or not, Pantene has debunked that myth to set all of our worries at ease.

“There is in fact no correct schedule for when to wash your hair, as it depends on your hair structure, hairstyle, and lifestyle (e.g. how often you go to the gym, the climate in which you live). Keeping your hair clean and protected from damage is important,” states Pantene. “In sum, today’s shampoos and conditioners are formulated to actually improve the condition of hair, even with daily use, so if you wash your hair frequently, it’s not bad for your hair.”

That being said, it is still crucial that you select the right formulas to work with your tresses. Color-treated hair has different needs than thick, curly hair, so make sure you choose a shampoo that matches your description.

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