While conditioner is highly recommended for just about anyone who has hair, selecting the right formula for your tresses is often difficult. Some formulas can be too heavy for fine, feathery strands, while conversely, a thick mop may require heavy-duty intervention.

L’Occitane carries ultra rich formulas for damaged or dry hair. Use the Milk (Shea Butter) Ultra Rich Conditioner for its capacity to restructure hair from root to tip, protecting it from the day’s entire range of harsh conditions.

If you’re blessed with a naturally healthy head of hair and only need to refresh it a little, June Jacobs’ Citrus Clarifying Conditioner may be just the thing you need. It restores vital moisture to hair post-shampooing without adding any excess oil or weight, leaving naught but an enticing lemony aroma in its wake.

Curly-haired folk may need to strike a different approach altogether. For this reason, there is Hamadi Shea Leave In conditioner, which is suitable for all hair-types but can minimize frizz for curly hair.

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