The world of foundation has changed beyond your grandmother’s wildest dreams, and in case you’ve still been abiding by her guidelines, it’s high time you revamped your face makeup procedures.

First and foremost, stay true to your color. With so many nuanced shades available, mismatched foundation should be a thing of the past. Makeup artist Pat McGrath advised that a lady will know her true shade if it disappears on her skin before she blends it in. Exuviance‘s Skin Caring Foundation comes in 14 all-natural shades.

Next, keep in mind that foundation will do its job best on properly prepped skin. Waiting five minutes after applying moisturizer is best advised, and you don’t actually need to apply concealer until the end. That way, you won’t apply more makeup than you need to, experts told the news source. Illuminaire carries an Extra Coverage Foundation/Concealer that’ll stay true throughout the day without requiring touch-ups.

Finally, setting with a translucent powder can do more for you than you may think, as the product is built to reflect light rather than snuffing out your natural radiance. Dermablend‘s Loose Setting Powder will provide the perfect complement to your skin tone.

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