Considering the fact that makeup brushes are arguably one of the most useful tools aiding women in the morning, there are plenty of ladies who don’t know the first thing about using a brush, let alone choosing a good one.

If this describes you, prepare to be put to shame – a 5-year-old named Madison has gained fame on YouTube for her leading role in a makeup tutorial video, and apparently, she’s got more than just cuteness going for her.

“Unlike other little children playing with makeup, Maddy seems to be extremely well versed in the language of brush brands, haul lingo, and lots of other jargon that’s both impressive and absolutely strange coming from the mouth of a child,” writes

If you’re at a loss, Maddy (and virtually any other makeup expert) can help you locate a quality set of brushes. Depending on whether you use more liquid or powder makeup, you can find top notch brushes made of real hair or synthetic fibers. Sothys Makeup Brushes Set contains just the basics, so it’s excellent for any beginner. If you’re feeling a bit more pro these days, check out the Jane Iredale Professional Brush Set, replete with 16 brushes to aid you in creating your masterpiece.

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