Sure, some of you would never be caught dead without your trusty bottle of foundation. But what if we told you that, in many ways, the regular use of a good moisturizer is even more important than your trusty cover-up?

To start, see the chance in your skin before and after applying moisturizer in the morning. When you allow it to sink in for five minutes, your skin becomes visibly more dewy, soft and even-toned, diminishing the appearance of some of the “flaws” you thought you woke up with. Now, your foundation isn’t just going on prepped, smooth skin (and will blend in much better), but you won’t need nearly as much as you thought you did.

As for long-term effects, keeping your skin healthy and moisturized will lead to less reasons to want to cover up in the future. Overly dry skin can often result in the skin producing more oil to compensate and thus lead to break-outs, all things you’d be better off without.

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