It’s unrealistic to think that your hair is going to look perfect every day of the week. Sometimes, despite your best styling efforts, your coif just doesn’t turn out how you want it to. That’s when a ponytail can come in handy. Before you think it’s not classy or cute enough for your style, take some of these ideas into account, courtesy of Glamour magazine.

1. Create some serious volume. Volume Thickening Shampoo can start the process in the shower, then just use a comb to tease the roots before you pull it back. Instant oomph!

2. Make a deep side part. A low ponytail is much better at disguising flyaways and looks sexier than your average updo. For an extra boost, pull it to one side so the ponytail goes over your shoulder. It’s almost like keeping it down, but way easier.

3. Add a headband. A little bit of sparkle or flower details is enough to transform your pony into a sophisticated style that can work for any occasion. Just use Conditioning Shea Spray for a bit of extra shine and you’ll be good to go.

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