Using a dark shade of eyeshadow all over your lid is like asking people to equate your look with a raccoon. It’s too harsh and too obvious to be considered sexy – even if you use a shimmery shade. That’s why Glamour magazine’s beauty blog recommends using a lighter shade to accent the creases of your eyes to create a smokey-eyed look with depth.

It’s totally fine to use a dark shadow on the outer corners of your eyes, as this will make your lashes look fuller and help you look more awake. The key is to find a lighter color to match and extend along your creases. This will enhance the natural shadow of the area, adding dimension and making your eyes look bigger.

An eyeshadow kit is the most helpful tool you can use, as it comes with plenty of shades you can mix and match to perfection. BABOR Metallic Eye Shadow Collection comes with a quart of shades you can blend perfectly, while other eyeshadow kits boasts several hues in eye-catching shades too.

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