November 15, 2011

Where The Eyebrow Ends

If you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t pay any attention to your eyebrows other than removing the occasional stray hair, good for you. However, there are some ladies who stress over the perfect shape and do their best to tame those unruly brows. The most important thing to remember is that the length of your eyebrows is what matters most.

There’s an easy trick to help you figure out where your eyebrows should start and end. Just grab a pen or pencil, then stand in front of a mirror. Hold the pencil vertically along the outside of your nostril. Where it crosses your brow is where your eyebrows should begin. Next, hold the pencil from the outside of your nostril and bring it over diagonally to the corner of your eye. Your eyebrows should end a tad bit above this point, toward your temple.

If your brows aren’t at that perfect length, there’s no need to stress. Use a good Brow Kit to tweeze any excess and fill in sparse areas. Then try an Eyebrow Extender, which will add extra length.

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