The holiday season is full of parties and gatherings that demand glitz and glamour. If you’re not sure what to do with your hair this year, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to jazz up your everyday ‘do without having to take a trip to the salon. Here are some ideas inspired by Allure magazine that should help you out.

1. Down, wavy and all on one side. If you’ve been paying attention to the red carpet lately, you know how frequently this look pops up on celebrities. It’s an easy way to take your normal blowout from cute to fabulous. After showering, use a bit of Leonor Greyl – Condition Naturelle, then blow dry and use a large-barreled curling iron to create soft waves. Make a deep side part, then move all your hair to one side, in front of your shoulder. Spritz with hairspray to ensure it stays put.

2. Plenty of texture. If you want to wear your hair down but infuse it with loads of volume and texture, it’s easy to do with a volumizing mousse like Leonor Greyl – Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice. Just apply some to your roots, then flip your head upside down and blow dry. Once it’s completely dry, use a curling iron to create waves on random sections, then finish up with a light hairspray.

3. Pinned side part. Celebrities like Madonna are real fans of this look, so it’s safe to say it’s totally fashionable for your holiday soiree. Blow dry your hair as usual, then use a round brush to lightly curl the ends underneath. Create a side part, then pin the sideswept hair behind your ear, tucking it underneath a bit.

4. Sleek and smooth. This look is very polished, so you can bet you’ll look fancy and sophisticated at the bash. Just blow dry your hair as usual, then use plenty of shine spray to infuse your hair with shimmer. Conditioning Spray will do the trick. Run a flat iron over your strands to really smooth them out, then blast with cold air from your blowdryer to seal the cuticle. Part it however you’d like, then tuck it behind your ears.

5. Side braid. Once your hair is dry, use a bit of salt spray to create beachy texture. Just mix a bit of table salt with water in a spray bottle. Pull your strands to one side of your head, then make a braid (or even a fishtail). Gently pull pieces out to make it a bit rough looking, as you want it to look casual.

6. Partial french braid. After blow drying your hair, use Body Building Hair Gel to create volume and texture. Part your hair on the side, then start a french braid one one side, right next to the part. Take pieces from along your hairline, then finish above your ear and secure with an elastic. Pin it in place and you’re good to go.

7. DIY headband. When your hair is dry, use a curling iron to create loose waves all over your head. Pull your hair into a low side ponytail, then separate it in half and braid the top portion. Pull the braid over your head to create a headband effect, then pin it into place behind your ear. Rough up the other half of the ponytail and secure it into a bun. Keep everything in place with styling product.

8. Half up. Create a bouncy blowout by drying your hair, then using large Velcro rollers near your roots and blasting them with hot hair to heat them up. Shake it out, then use a thin comb to tease the roots on the crown of your head. Pull the upper half of your hair back toward your crown, then secure it in place with bobby pins or a bejeweled clip.

Feature Image Credit: Stylecaster

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