Whether you’re going out to celebrate or just hanging at home with that special someone, New Year’s Eve is a time to experiment with all things glittery. It’s an occasion when you can dress in a spangled outfit and go crazy with shimmery makeup – without worrying about receiving any strange stares.

This year, why not amp up your look with a sparkly hairstyle? It’s easy to achieve with a bit of hairspray and some glitter. Simply choose a chunky glitter mix or a more subtle shimmer from your local craft store, then spray your hair with Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle. Use your fingers to distribute the sparkles throughout your still-sticky locks. When it dries, everything will be set in place.

You can do the same with your eyes and lips by sticking glitter to your mascara or lip gloss. Just apply your products as usual, then use shimmer on top while the products are still wet. You’ll end up with a gorgeous look that’s totally appropriate for the festivities.

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