Before you get too excited about the prospect of making your hair grow faster, you should know that there’s no surefire way to make your locks longer in a short amount of time. However, there are ways you can encourage faster and stronger hair growth.

According to Marie Claire magazine, at-home scalp massages can stimulate blood flow to your scalp, helping nutrients get to your hair follicles quicker. Before you shampoo, massage Leonor Greyl – Regenerescence Naturelle into your scalp, then wait 15 minutes before rinsing. While you shampoo, it’s always helpful to use your fingernails to gently scrub your scalp.

Ensuring that your hair is always healthy and moisturized is another way to keep your hair growing strong and luscious. Use a mask like Hamadi – Shea Hair Mask on a weekly basis to give your strands the nourishment they need.

Finally, Marie Claire recommends taking a vitamin supplement with plenty of B vitamins and antioxidants to increase the strength and resiliency of your hair. Look for one at your local drug store.

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