On screen, Evan Rachel Wood rarely keeps the same look – she has played everything from a natural, fresh-faced hippie in Across the Universe to a sultry vampire on HBO’s True Blood, who wears deep red lipstick and never has a hair out of place.

But what about Wood’s real-life beauty routine? Fans of the daring starlet may not be surprised by her answer. “I have fun playing with makeup,” she told People Magazine, adding that she likes to see how far she can push beauty boundaries.

Still, the style chameleon seems to have a practical side to her as well. “I am SPF crazy,” she told the news source. “I have sunscreen in the door of my car. I have sunscreen in my purse.”

Whether you regularly rock a vampy look or prefer a natural, understated appearance, you may want to heed Wood’s advice and load up on sun protection – even in the winter.

Apply a protective formula, like Dermalogica MultiVitamin BodyBlock SPF 20, to arms and legs (any skin that’s exposed to the sun) before you head out the door. Use a separate product, such as Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive Face Block SPF 25, on your face and throw it in your bag so that you can reapply it as needed throughout the day.

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