We know it seems like some of the world’s greatest rockers get that unruly mane from years of leading their rough-and-tough lifestyles, never combing their bedheads and plenty of thrashing on stage. Not always so, our friends, not always so.

Even Ke$ha, the queen of the unruly, confessed to Elle that she liked to treat her hair to a special oil-based serum. As she puts it, she wants her mane to be “wild and fantastic, but healthy first and foremost.” To accomplish this, she applies an oil treatment from the roots to the tips whenever her hair is craving some extra care.

There are many highly advanced and sophisticated treatments available for women who want to boost their haircare routine. A revitalizing serum or hair masque can work wonders when used on a weekly basis.

Of course, sometimes the last thing you want is more oil and slickness added to already-greasy locks. For an on-the-go rockstar hair fix, apply some dry shampoo to your roots to soak up excess oil and keep rocking on.

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