Goodbye, carefully-coordinated makeup palettes of the past and hello, crazy, every-which-way color combos. In case you were looking for an expert opinion, professional makeup artist Kate Sylvester believes “matchy-matchy” is meant for the history archives.

“I think it is very modern to slightly clash color, bringing an element of surprise – like playing off pink in an outfit with a jolt of red lipstick,” Sylvester told The West Australian. “We are definitely not in an era of ‘matchy-matchy’ when it comes to makeup.”

This runs counter to some women’s tendency to coordinate their eye shadows to either match or contrast their hair or eye color, a strategy which does admittedly have some of its own benefits. But for the sake of staying current, women today may want to play toss-up with their makeup bags to see what kinds of strange and unusual color combinations they can come up with.

Complementary colors that fit on the red-green, blue-orange purple-yellow paradigms are always a safe bet, but stay away from exact oppositions. Rather than pairing a true-red lip with a kelly green eye shadow, persay, change it up with olive or honeysuckle instead.

Image Credit: Beautylish

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