While there are a seemingly limitless amount of products available formulated to treat almost every condition under the sun, there are times when you may need a quick fix. Luckily, there are a few standard beauty products that can do double-duty in a last minute emergency.

Running out of shaving cream can be especially frustrating, as you usually don’t realize it needs to be replaced until you reach to use it in the shower. Instead of skipping the shave, simply lather your legs with conditioner.

“[Conditioner has] moisturizing ingredients should help the razor glide over your skin smoothly and help avoid razor burn,” Marie Claire reports.

If you’ve used up your acne treatment and have yet to purchase more, toothpaste can save the day, as dabbing a bit of the product on a blemish will dry out the imperfection. However, make sure not to use a whitening toothpaste. According to the news source, these formulas contain hydrogen peroxide, which can irritate skin.

Additionally, some products can even be used to prevent a beauty emergency. Many people experience an eczema outbreak on their stomachs caused by an allergic reaction to the nickel in the button on their jeans. To protect against this itchy condition, the news provider recommends painting the back of the button with a coat of clear nail polish.