Using sunscreen and being careful about your UV exposure outside is a must for everyone, but slip-ups do happen. Maybe slathering on the sunblock slipped your mind, or perhaps you weren’t planning to be outside at all. Whatever the reason for your sunburn, chances are you want it to stop hurting and looking so red – FAST! Here’s what you need to soothe the burn.

First, drink plenty of water to make sure that you’re hydrated. Nothing makes you thirstier than a nasty burn. If it’s extra painful, consider taking an aspirin to lessen the hurt and make living with it a bit more bearable. You might also want to slather on some aloe vera or use tea bags to soothe and get rid of the sting, recommends The Beauty Department.

Taking cold showers will feel good, but you want to avoid using harsh soaps and exfoliants that can make the burn feel worse. Lather up with something like AHAVA – Mineral Botanic Water Lily & Guarana Body Wash, using your hands so the application is gentle. Then follow up with a rich moisturizer like Archipelago Botanicals – Milk Body Butter – Oat Milk, which allows for cell regeneration and ultra hydration. If you keep up this routine for a few days, your burn should improve in no time!

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