It seems that there is a limitless selection of hair shampoos and conditioners available, and selecting the appropriate products can seem overwhelming. There are potions that promise to add volume to limp locks and solutions to smooth frizzy strands. However, if you often treat your hair with chemicals – dyes, perms, Brazilian blowouts – don’t choose a shampoo based on how you want your hair to look.

According to, because chemical treatments can strip hair of necessary proteins, it’s important to use formulas that will repair hair.

“[Select a] shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for chemically or color-treated hair. Your styling products can be chosen based on your new style,” industry expert Jeni Thomas told the news source.

However, women who don’t treat their tresses should select products based on how they’d like their locks to look.

“Women love options, and many like to pull off both wavy or straight hair. I tell clients to keep two types of shampoos and conditioners in the bathroom, and alternate depending on the type of style you want that day,” hair stylist Gavin Harwin told the news outlet.