Even if some of us don’t make it to a dermatologist on a regular basis, we can still benefit from expert advice geared to help us combat skincare woes that many of us invariably end up facing.

If you wish to be in-the-know when it comes to protecting yourself against the effects of aging, Skincare-News.com provided these helpful hints that everyone should keep in their arsenal of skincare know-how.

“Sunscreen is a must in the fight against aging,” the news source reports. “People should always be honest about their skin care regimen – including any history of smoking and sun exposure. This is vital information for a dermatologist to create an effective anti-aging skin care routine.”

Be sure you’ve got the best skincare technology on your side with a sunscreen product that contains at least SPF 15. Many foundations and moisturizers come with SPF already built in, which is a great way for women to get into the habit of never leaving the house without some sun protection on their faces.

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