With the change in seasons comes a whole new approach to the way we dress, do our hair and even paint our faces. Here are a few adorable summer tricks for making your eye makeup seasonably appropriate.

Lay on the primer. This might not be the most fun step to take, but it will make all the difference when you get to your dinner date and your eyeshadow hasn’t creased or smudged all day. This works for maintaining shadow, liner or anything else your imagination concocts.

Don’t be afraid of a little glimmer. If you’re worried about looking like a fairy queen, opt for a finely-milled shimmery dust in place of chunky glitter. Iridescent shadow is a great way to look luminous and fresh in the balmy atmosphere.

Choose ripe, fresh-squeezed colors. Neutrals are so-termed because they work in any environment, but feel free to have a little fun this season. Tangerine, sunburst, emerald and honeysuckle are all wonderful juicy shades to wear on your lids.

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