In case you thought that your tub of glitter from sixth grade was best left in your middle school locker, think again – celebrity makeup artist Dedra Whitt believes there are two occasions when it’s appropriate for grownups to lay on the sparkles, reports.

“There are only a few occasions throughout the year that I ?nd glitter and sparkle appropriate,” Whitt told the news source. “New Years Eve, a very special event in Vegas and Fourth of July.”

Whitt recommends products that are “not so overpowering and ‘glittery’ and…super easy to use.”‘

Grownups can take a sophisticated approach to their shimmer by opting for finely-milled glitter (avoid large chunks if you’re aiming to look age-appropritate). Light, neutral colors are always a safe bet, but if you want to have a bit of fun in light of the holiday, some bright blue shimmer or red glittery lipstick will be the perfect way to showcase your American spirit.

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