If you’ve been keeping up with beauty trends at all, you’ve probably noticed the widespread fascination with orange lip color come later winter or early spring. Now that the warm weather is in full swing, however, there’s really no better time to whip out the melon and tangerine glosses for a fresher-than-fresh face.

“With its palette-cleansing power, the buoyant shade seemed an instant antidote to fashion’s dwindling love affair with all things short, dark, and moody,” Vogue.com muses. “As it turns out, it’s every bit as compelling on the lips, where it radiates a similarly addictive blend of couture elegance and unabashed optimism.”

Makeup artist Pati Dubroff pointed out to the news source that those who are too timid to reach for a full-on shade of matte orange can try a sheer tinted gloss or a lip stain instead.

Lip stains happen to be a great summer alternative to heavy lipsticks and reflective glosses. Regardless of whether you’re reaching for a tangerine shade or a deep berry hue, stains are great for lending that “just-eaten popsicle” look to your mouth that’s so coveted for the summertime.

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