Summertime is all about tanning, but you can still get that gorgeous sunkissed look even if you don’t have time to hit the beach. With the right bronzer, you can take your look from stuck-in-the-office-on-Saturday to spent-the-weekend-on-a-yacht in no time flat! These perfect powders will give you a gorgeous faux glow without any skin damaging, age spots or deadly diseases, guaranteed.

An excellent option for gals on the fairer side is the Jane Iredale Sunbeam Quad bronzer. With four colors to blend as you wish, you can opt for a pink flush, a sunkissed glow or a deep tan – and with a white section included, it’s easy to lighten up if you go a little too dark. Plus, since you can blend your own color, you won’t need to buy a new bronzer if you do find time to lay out one afternoon.

For gals who already have a base tan, Too Faced Peach Leopard Brightening and Perfecting Bronzer is an excellent option. Not only does this cute compact come with a unique leopard pattern, it combines gold, brown and pink tones with a little bit of a shimmer for the perfect island glow.

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