Everybody longs for that perfect pink pucker – and with the right lipstick, you can achieve it instantly! Of course, there’s a slight snag. What works on one gal doesn’t always work on another, so while your friend looks drop-dead gorgeous in a deep magenta, you might just look vampy. How can you find the right shade of lipstick for you?

First, consider your overall coloring. If you’re fair with light hair and eyes, a deep red or purple will overpower your delicate features. Instead, opt for a soft pink or bright magenta that’ll help bring out the natural roses in your cheeks. If you want to play up the natural innocence that your coloring often gives, opt for a lipstick with just a hint of shimmer that’ll have you looking youthful while still being sexy.

Darker gals can play with bolder shades, since their brunette locks and strong eyebrows can easily compete against a hot-red pout. For maximum oompf, look for a lipstick with plenty of shine – your lips will look as sweet as candy. To find the perfect shade that works best for you skin tone, turn to dedicated lipstick brands like Lipstick Queen.

Finally, don’t forget about your other makeup. If you tend to wear pinks and peaches, opt for a bright, clear shade of lipstick that’ll enhance the hues in your other cosmetics. If your eyeshadow, blush and bronzer colors are more neutral, stick to more traditional lipstick colors.

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